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Baby boy bricking it: Zuckerberg announces new privacy features on Facebook

Looking at least twenty years younger than he is, and a billion dollars poorer, a wooden-looking Zuckerberg explains the new Facebook privacy settings.



I’m no dinosaur, but the chap looks like he hasn’t even started shaving yet.

And he quite cringeworthily mentions that it was his birthday (26th) was recently.

As if to say, ‘I’m young and inexperienced, and I’m trying my best, please forgive me’.

To be perfectly blunt, as someone who has many times pulled the

I’m-sorry-I-made-mistakes-but-only-because-I’m-new-at-this excuse

you can really only get away with it when you’re at the very bottom of the food chain.


It doesn’t wash when you’re the CEO and worth a couple of billion.

When you’re in that league, I for one expect you to dress the part.

And least look like you’ve gone to the effort of being properly camera-trained.

This looks like it’s still being done from a Harvard dorm, by a frat twat.


The possibility that it has been engineered to look this half-assed, and humble, is even more disturbing.


Will you have sympathy for this billion-dollar company,

which has scared the bejaysus out of you and your privacy rights

because its CEO is only 26 years old, and says he ‘messed up’?

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