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How to: 7 steps to enjoy Facebook and not get paranoid, depressed or crazy


Privacy and security

1. Just check your frickin’ privacy settings. You’ll be happier knowing that your profile is locked down and no nasty corporations are stealing your thoughts. Use this thingamyjig




 Stupid donkey

 2. Stop playing those stupid games which were designed to keep you hooked. Even a small plot on Farmville takes 600 mouse-clicks to harvest, and then you’ll have to come back and do it all over again in a few hours. That hardly counts as fun, does it?




Small friends

3. Try to bear in mind why you got on the damn thing in the first place: getting in touch with friends and family. Use it for that and forget about competing with them for ‘liking’ the most ridiculous pages





Jealous wench in a bad hat

4. Unfriend, and block, your significant other. Unless your relationship is lacking in jealousy





Small big mouth

5. Think before you post or comment! Would you say it in to their face? Do you want to end up on lamebook? Actually, just go and have a look over at that site. It’ll at least remind you that you’re not the dumbest Facebooker on the planet.




Reasonably content cat

 6. Realise that you probably only interact with less than 10% of your ‘friends’. So there’s no point in adding someone you barely know because you are never going to contact them again. Your puny human brain probably can’t handle any more than 180 people anyway 



A little nap

7. Log off more often than you do. Don’t you have better things to be doing with your time? Maybe like having a nap?









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