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‘My Mom Tried To Friend Me On Facebook But I Ignored Her’

It’s a quote! from this study, which has been doing the rounds over the last few days, carried out at the University of Maryland, College Park, by the International Center for Media & the Public Agenda, who asked 200 students to abstain from using all media for 24 hours. And then they were asked to blog about it. No, seriously, I didn’t make that one up. (Next week: recovering alcoholics interviewed about their experiences in a pub).

Obviously, I’m not overawed with the methodology, and it hasn’t been published or peer-reviewed, but it’s still quite interesting, if only for the soundbites. You can have a look for yourself here: A Day Without Media but the really bizarre insights into how information is being consumed via modern media can be read off this pdf: Soundbites.

As I say, some are bizarre, but some are familiar – how about you? is email the only kind of mail you’ve ever sent? do you answer your phone in your sleep and have conversations you don’t remember? do you use Facebook to stalk?

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