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Facemap! Amazing graphic of world’s profile connections

Pete Warden has mined over 200 million public Facebook profiles and interconnected through their friends and pages. What are the most popular fan pages in Ireland? You can see the map here.

Rather unsurprisingly,

1. Petition to have IRELAND Vs FRANCE REPLAYED!!!

Next up, perhaps not so patriotically,

2. The X Factor

Then again, joyfully conforming to stereotypes and strong marketing campaigns

3. Guinness 250 Ireland

Next, one I didn’t see coming:

4. Social Interview

Seasonally sentimental,

5. I Can’t Wait For Christmas

Shampoo saleswoman du jour

6. Cheryl Cole

A nation of ungrateful non-aviatophobics, it would seem

7. I hate people who clap when planes land

Apparently, we are very big fans of the medieval sovreigns of northwest Iberia:

8. Kings Of Leon

And, confirming that we’re not complete alcoholics

9. Tea

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